Donald McPherson

President, Products, EnChroma

Don McPherson is a glass scientist best known for inventing a glass that correct colorblindness, a disorder that afflicts over 600 million people worldwide. He holds eight patents related to his work on the ‘EnChroma’ lenses and Vetrazzo (a cementitious solid containing over 95% recycled material). Dr. McPherson was awarded the inaugural Alfred University Distinguished Alumni Award, and in January 2017 he received the NIH’s Tibbetts award at the White House in recognition for his work in developing eyewear for the colorblind. Don works tirelessly to insure all colorblind children have full color perception in the classroom. He is currently perfecting a contact lens version of the EnChroma technology, which will allow him to reach more students worldwide.

As a scientific expert he uses his platform to continually advocate for helping colorblind children have a more rewarding educational experience. I have also been featured in 2 documentary films, one on colorblindness and one on color in design. In addition to his contributions to EnChroma, Don has served as President of Bay Glass Research, Inc., Vice President of Research and Development at Vetrazzo, Inc., and Founder & CEO of Counter Production, LLC. Don is the recipient of 7 NEI, NIH, and National Cancer Institute grants and has authored 14 scientific papers.

Don currently holds six patents.