Fang (Florence) Lu

Senior Solution Architect and IBM Master Inventor, IBM Research

Fang (Florence) Lu is a Senior Solution Architect and three-time IBM Master Inventor working at IBM Research. She has developed numerous software applications at IBM over the last 15 years, ranging from Enterprise Social Solutions to Healthcare Analytics. She has been granted multiple patents, including one for an earlier disease symptom detection through IoT-based devices (such as with Parkinson’s disease, skin and throat disorders).

Florence used her technical and language skills and cultural experience to file more than 140 patent applications for IBM, covering a variety of areas, including Social Software, Internet of Things, Healthcare Analytics, Security, and many more. Florence avidly mentors and encourages other IBMers to turn their ideas into patents by hosting workshops and information sessions, and loves to inspire early professionals as they start their careers in computing.

Florence has been teaching STEM activities at the local school in her community. She also mentored the First Lego League team and volunteered at Jr. Tech’s Girls STEM Summit and Cambridge Science Festival. She is a member of IEEE and ACM.

Florence currently holds 62 patents.