Jason Grieves

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Jason Grieves, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, empowers people with disabilities by inventing solutions to help them change the world. Jason believes supporting people with disabilities to live, work, and play in ways they never have before will allow a new generation to leverage technology to become the world’s next leaders and innovators. During his 10 years with Microsoft, Jason has introduced new accessible technology for people with visual impairments, improved software typing on phones for everyone, including those with mobility impairments, and built innovative personal health and fitness solutions that energize people to change their life and improve their health. He also spent a year at a tech startup, Katalyst, building a new technology to enable people to work out smarter and more efficiently, with the technology being architected to work seamlessly for people with visual, hearing, and mobility impairments.

Jason’s passion for accessibility and empowering others stems from his own visual disability. He was born with optical nerve damage in both eyes, resulting in uncorrectable vision of 20/80 and 20/200. Through a life changing event meeting a young girl who was completely blind, and with incredible support from his family and friends, Jason began helping people with disabilities in high school. He spent one summer preparing a kindergarten teacher, computer, and classroom for a new student who had a similar visual impairment. When he saw the student using the computer while learning with the teacher in front of the class, he knew he had found his calling.

Jason currently holds 11 patents.