Jay Harman

Founder and CEO, PAX Scienctific, Inc; Founder and Chairman, PAX Water, Inc.

Jay Harman is a naturalist, inventor, and entrepreneur.  Harman has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with natural fluid systems.  In the process, he has grown successful biomimicry companies that design innovative products, ranging from prize-winning watercraft, to a non-invasive technology for measuring blood glucose, to his most recent companies, PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries.  With a goal to show manufacturing industries that more efficient equipment is profitable for both shareholders and the environment, PAX designs devices including fans, mixers, pumps, refrigeration systems, and distillation systems, all based on Jay’s revolutionary understanding of nature’s methods for streamlining fluid flow. As well as his roles as CEO of PAX Scientific, Inc. and PAX Mixer, Inc., Jay acts as chairman of the board for PAX’s subsidiaries companies, PAX Water Technologies, Inc. and PAX Pure, Inc. He shares his experience and adventures in the natural world and the corporate jungle in his book, The Shark’s Paintbrush, with all proceeds supporting biomimicry education. Jay is also featured in Prince Charles’ documentary, Harmony, and his book of the same title, as well as Elemental, an award-winning documentary profiling three environmental activists around the world.