Inventing in Academia: The Big Ideas

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Invention has the power to drive the US economy & improve lives. Academic institutions are increasingly looking to create a culture of invention and innovation so they can better prepare the next generation of inventors. What can GWU and other institutions learn from leading inventors in academia, government and the private sector?

Join us for a lively discussion of the role of academia in invention, and how we can support the spirit of invention from within.

A panel of industry experts, including AAAS-Lemelson ‘Invention Ambassadors’, will lead a discussion of ways we can leverage innovation and entrepreneurship to enliven science and engineering education. From diverse vantage points – as engineers, entrepreneurs and social scientists – we see the positive impact of exposing students to real world engagements and the value in nudging students to apply their knowledge and questions outside the classroom.

The workshop, via presentations and open conversations, will afford us the opportunity to share best practices and map out a way forward for boosting student engagement in science education.

The Invention Ambassador panel will be held at George Washington University Innovation Center on Feb 15 at 4pm, with a reception to follow at 5pm.


  • Stephen Key: “Leveraging licensing and IP, process/trade-offs/keys to success”
  • Mary Kombolias: “Overcoming disaster and delay in academia and government”
  • Sanna Gaspard: “The intersection of academia and entrepreneurship”
  • Karen Burg: “Encouraging invention within academia, Lessons from UGA”

This workshop intends to foster those rare, unstructured kinds of interactions that everyone craves at conventional conferences. We hope you and your colleagues will join us in igniting some sparks that will lead to sustained collaboration! Register Now

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