Steve Sasson

Steve Sasson joined Kodak in 1973, and worked throughout the seventies as an individual contributor in the Kodak Apparatus Division research laboratories and he engaged in a number of early digital imaging projects. Among these was the design and construction of the first digital still camera and playback system in 1975. During the 1980’s, Steven served as a group leader and individual contributor for a number of digital imaging projects in the consumer products advanced development area. Among these was the first mega pixel digital camera utilizing DCT compression that stored images to flash memory cards.

During the first half of the 1990’s, Steven served as the chief engineer on the “Colorease” printer project which produced Kodak’s first high volume page size thermal printer that served as the basis for the introduction of Kodak’s self-service kiosk program. During this timeframe, he was the development manager for the emerging thermal printing platform within Kodak.

In 1996, Steven was named development manager of Output Systems for Kodak’s Professional Products organization. This organization developed and introduced a number of groundbreaking products, which included two families of thermal printers that provided the output engines for the large kiosk placement that occurred during this time. In addition, printers based on AgX, laser thermal and inkjet marking technologies were commercialized in support of the professional photography and graphics markets.

In 2001, he transitioned to the position of R&D development manager for the Retail Photofinishing Platform. This organization delivered the Digital Lab System software platform that was used to control the complete workflow on several partner minilabs around the world. In 2004 Steven moved to the Corporate Commercial Affairs (CCA) organization within Kodak where he served as the project manager for a major Intellectual Property litigation. He continued to work in the Intellectual Property Transactions (IPT) group at Kodak until his retirement from Kodak in February 2009.