Solving for XX – UF seeks to create a more inclusive environment for women in STEM


By: Cindy Spence
Photos By: John Jernigan
Ellison Langford contributed to this story.

Stephanie Cruz did a double take when she entered one of her computer science classes at the University of Florida in the first week of fall 2015. A woman was teaching it. A woman also was teaching the next class — and the next.

Cruz, now a senior, went from a college career in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering with no women professors to three in the first week of classes.

“It was nice to finally have female professors,” Cruz says.

Jeremy Magruder, a civil engineering student in the last year of her doctoral program, is ending her studies, and has never had a woman professor in her field, although she has had women professors in electives.

Such is the experience for women in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — at UF and across the nation: a mixed bag.

But UF President Kent Fuchs, just two weeks into his new position in January 2015, signaled that change is coming.

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